7 Sensible Reasons to hire a professional CV writer

May 9, 2016

Is it really necessary to have a professional write your CV or résumé? Is it really necessary to have a professional working on your car or cutting your hair? No, but it is sensible. The same applies when you are applying for a job. You can probably scrape up something “decent”, but do you want “decent” or do you want perfection?

Here are 7 reasons why it is super sensible to have a professional writing your CV: 


1. First impressions really matter


Yes, your teacher told you not to judge a book by its cover, but your future employer is judging you by your (CV’s) cover. Appearance matters. You want to put your best foot forward when you are applying for your dream job and that means that your CV must be perfect: no mistakes, eye-catching and to the point. Your CV is basically an advert of you and what you can offer your future employer and thus, it should look good and professional, just like you.


2. Though art not so good at the English


Unless you are applying for some sort of writing position, it is not necessary to write your own CV. Not everyone is blessed with an unbelievable linguistic ability and is able to turn words into the sweetest syrup pouring from their mouths. Leave it to a professional who knows what key words your future employer is looking for and how to construct them in the right sentences and correct grammar to make you stand out from the crowd.


3. Structure: the building blocks of a good CV


What information is the most important? Does education or experience come first? Each career field prefer a certain format for you to present your CV in. A professional CV writer has the correct scaffolding to display your abilities and achievements in the correct way and so ensuring that the foundation is well laid for the employer to invite you for an interview. A professional CV writer can help you identify key skills and achievements, pinpoint important strengths and highlight unique attributes that make you stand out with a good structure.


4. Some info on your CV might be pointless


Is it really important that you played left flank for your high school’s hockey team when you are applying for a job as a Chemical Engineer? No, it is totally irrelevant. A professional CV writer can assist you when it comes to streamlining your CV. Yes, you should be proud of your achievements, but some achievements are more for your mother’s ears than your employer’s.


5. You might be too modest


Not to be contradictory to reason 4, but some information might really make your CV unique and you might be leaving it out. Maybe you are shy, modest or you don’t see the relevance. Your CV writer will definitely help you to add experience and achievements that will help you get that dream job.


6. You haven’t been to any interviews


You definitely need some professional help if you haven’t had any interviews. Your CV needs some spice to insure it stands out. If you know you tick all the boxes for a certain position, but you get looked over again and again, it is surely time to invest in a professional CV writer. You can almost imagine that a CV writer is a love doctor who can set you up on a date (interview) with the man (job) of your dreams.


7. You are good at your job and we are good at our job


Why is it sensible to get a CV writer? You are excellent at your job (or excellently qualified for it) and so are we. So, we will stick to our day job and help you get your dream job.


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